I am reluctantly posting this to ask you all to be realistic in your expectations when playing pennants.

There is a growing assumption that you will play higher and higher without a commensurate improvement in your own performance.

Please understand that the move from Div 6 to Div 5 on Sat for instance is enormous and to DISPLACE SOMEONE FROM A HIGHER TEAM (ie Div 5) you need to prove your superior performance consistently, not just one week.

Also there is discussion about new bowlers and how they progress up to play in higher divisions. A second or third year bowler will normally need a thorough “grounding” in pennant bowls and if they progress to Div 6 on SAT they are doing very well. There are several players in this group that have been identified as having the potential (with appropriate coaching/mentoring) to be very high achievers. The selectors are working on rewarding these players for effort.

Being a skip in social bowls is not a guarantee of good performance in pennants. There are many players who have played in higher divisions but they succumb to the pressure of pennants.

In previous years some players in Div 7 on SAT have volunteered to stay in Div 7 and play for enjoyment whilst learning the art of bowls. If you would like to be part of this please talk to your selectors (see previous post).

The selection process is not 100% perfect but we try to accommodate many interests so we, as a Club, can win flags this season.

Good bowling for the year.

Barry Coad

Chair of Selectors

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