There are a couple of things that I need your help in addressing and to clarify a problem we had last week.

Firstly notifications – my apologies for not phoning some members about selection changes last week, we had a hiccup and missed calling some people. We call you IF you go down one level, not if there are changes within teams or you go up a level. 

Please inform yourself as to where you are playing each week.

Secondly cars and going direct – it is in the club/team spirit to participate in assisting teammates to get to venues. Obviously it is appropriate to go direct at times but please look to assist others where possible by coming to the club, including post match (bar profits).

Club spirit – we have had a mixed start to pennants this season with some teams/rinks away to a great start. Remember we all try to do our best wherever/whenever we play. The selectors have a difficult time especially when so many players are performing well. If you go down a level it is not necessarily how you are playing, but how well your peers are playing, and how many people go in and out of pennants each week. We have so much talent that competition for places is fierce.


Respect others – we are all volunteers and/or players trying to enjoy the game

Responsibility – for your actions, ie be responsible for what you say or do

Reality check – YOU know how you are bowling – or you should – be an active part of the team/rink.


a positive influence around the club

a neutral influence around the club

a negative influence around the club

Please be the positive person, respect team mates and make this club a better and happier place to bowl.


Barry Coad.





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